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Architecture Of VoiceSphere

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VoiceSphere is an innovative web tool that allows users to have conversations with their documents using AI. Behind this tool is a robust architecture designed for performance and user experience. Let’s explore the key highlights:


1. All VoiceSphere services are securely hosted in the AWS North Virginia datacenter, ensuring robust performance and scalability.

2. VoiceSphere’s user-friendly interface is powered by the latest web technologies, including React and ReactJS, providing a seamless and responsive user experience.

3. VoiceSphere’s backend services are developed using NodeJS, a fast and efficient runtime, enabling rapid development and efficient handling of user requests.

4. VoiceSphere leverages the advanced SentenceTransformer model (‘intfloat/e5-large-v2’) to generate text embeddings, enhancing the understanding of document content for precise and context-specific responses.

5. All data within VoiceSphere is securely stored in Aurora Postgres, ensuring data integrity and reliability. Text embeddings are specifically stored in the ‘pg-vectors’ inside Aurora Postgres.

6. VoiceSphere harnesses the power of OpenAI for text summarization, providing users with concise and insightful summaries of documents.

7. VoiceSphere utilizes Amazon S3 in conjunction with CloudFront to securely store customer documents in an encrypted format. This ensures the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive customer data.

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