Talk to Your Documents with VoiceSphere's AI Chat for Intelligent Answers

VoiceSphere is a smart tool that lets you talk or type questions in plain language to get answers from your documents and data. It uses advanced technology to understand what you're looking for and fetches the right information from documents, manuals, and databases. Here are its main features: 

  1. Voice or Text: You can talk or type your questions, no need for complex searches.
  2. Understands Context: It gives you answers that match your specific question.
  3. Finds Documents: It fetches documents and text quickly.
  4. Holds Conversations: You can ask follow-up questions until you find what you need.
  5. Easy Access: It's helpful for people who prefer speaking to navigate information. 

VoiceSphere is handy in many areas like customer service, tech support, research, and more, where quick access to accurate information is vital. It makes getting insights from documents and databases easy, thanks to AI technology.

VoiceSphere securely stores all documents in Amazon S3 with encryption and utilizes Amazon CloudFront for swift content delivery. The chat data is reliably housed in an AWS data center in North Virginia, US, ensuring optimal data protection in line with industry standards and AWS best practices.

yes, we do. It includes :

  • Unlimited business creations
  •  Unlimited collection creations
  •  Unlimited email document processing support
  •  Image extraction capabilities (excluding vector images and SVG formats)
  •  Upload up to 1,000 pages across all your files
  •  Ask up to 100 questions (including voice)
  •  Standard support

  PDF (Portable Document Format)

 PPT (PowerPoint Presentation)

DOC (Microsoft Word Document)

DOCX (Microsoft Word Open XML Document)

TXT (Plain Text)

CSV (Comma Seperated Files)

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