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VoiceSphere is an AI-powered tool that allows you to interact with their documents and obtain context-specific answers. VoiceSphere empowers you to have meaningful conversations with your documents and efficient information retrieval.


Rhino Technologies is a rapidly growing IT company with a diverse workforce. To ensure that employees like Shiv, who recently joined as a Data Engineer, can easily access and understand various company policies, Rhino Technologies has implemented VoiceSphere, an AI-powered chatbot that can have conversations with documents to provide intelligent and context-specific answers.

Use Case Scenario:

1. Health Policy Information:

   – Shiv has a question about the company’s Health Policy, specifically regarding the coverage for a particular medical procedure.

   – Shiv uses VoiceSphere to inquire about the Health Policy details.

  – VoiceSphere extracts the relevant information from the Health Policy document and provides Shiv with the coverage details, including any copayments or limitations.

Let’s see some Question and Answer between Shiv and VoiceSphere

Shiv Query : “Can you tell me who are eligible for Health Insurance Policy?”

VoiceSphere Answer:

Shiv Query : “Can you tell me who will get Tax Exemption ?”

VoiceSphere Answer:

Shiv Query : “What about coverages When Spouse is working in Same Company ?”

VoiceSphere Answer:

Shiv Query : “Is Health Insurance cover Ayurveda Treatment?”

VoiceSphere Answer:

Shiv Query : “What are the documents required to be submitted for reimbursement        claims? “

VoiceSphere Answer:

2. Travel Expenses and Guidelines:

   – Shiv is preparing for a Family trip and wants to know the company’s travel expense guidelines, including approved expenses and per diem rates.

   – Shiv uses VoiceSphere to request information about Travel Expenses.

   – VoiceSphere provides Shiv with a summary of the Travel Expenses policy, including the allowed expenses and expense report submission guidelines.

Shiv Query: “Can you provide the Leave Travel allowance?”

VoiceSphere Answer:

3. Paid Time Off (PTO):

   – Shiv is planning to take some time off and wants to understand the Paid Time Off (PTO) accrual and request process.

   – Shiv asks VoiceSphere about the PTO policy.

   – VoiceSphere extracts information from the PTO policy document and explains how PTO accrual works and how to submit a request.

Shiv Query: “Can you provide the PTO Policy?”

VoiceSphere Answer:

4. Maternity Leave Policy/Paternity Policy:

   – One of Shiv’s colleagues is expecting a baby and wants to know about the company’s Maternity /Paternity Leave policy.

   – The colleague uses VoiceSphere to inquire about the policy.

   – VoiceSphere retrieves and explains the Maternity Leave policy, including the duration of leave, eligibility criteria, and benefits.

Query: “Can you provide the Maternity and Paternity Leave Policy ?”

VoiceSphere Answer:

Query: “Can I claim for Surrogacy Treatment ?”

VoiceSphere Answer:

5. Sick Leave Policy:

   – One of Shiv’s colleagues Sarah wakes up with symptoms of illness, including a fever, sore throat, and body ache

   – The colleague uses VoiceSphere to inquire about the policy.

   – VoiceSphere quickly access Jolli Infotech’s Sick Leave Policy and guidelines, ensuring she understands the process and eligibility criteria without the need to navigate through documents or handbooks.

Shiv Query: “Can you provide the details of Sick Leave Policy?”

VoiceSphere Answer:


Efficient Policy Access: VoiceSphere enables employees like Shiv to quickly and easily access specific policy information without the need for manual searches.

Consistency: VoiceSphere ensures that employees receive consistent and up-to-date information from policy documents.

Time Savings: Employees can get instant answers to policy-related questions, saving time and reducing the need to contact HR for clarifications.

Improved Employee Experience: Employees have a more positive experience when they can easily access and understand company policies, which contributes to a better workplace environment

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